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"This engine is a Metropolitan-Vickers, Diesel-electric, Type 2"

— Edward

Bill and Ben! is The 7th Episode of Season 2

Bill and Ben!



air date:

December 22nd 2012 (UK, US, AUS, CAN and ISLAND), September 17th, 2014 (spain)

Last Episode:

Hello Twin Engines

Next Episode:

BoCo's Christmas Rescue


Bill and Ben work at the the China Clay Quarry near Brendam, But one day at Brendam Docks they are taking china clay trucks then they go! So Bill and Ben try to hunt the "Diseasal" and find the Diesel and find out that the Diesel thought that that was his train and Edward sends Bill and Ben away, and Edward and the Diesel (found out to be called "BoCo") become great friends!




  • Bill: "You're a big bully!"
  • Ben: "Truck Stealer!"
  • The Narrator: "This went on and on until the Diesel's eyes nearly poped out!"
  • BoCo: "Stop You're Making me gidey!"
  • BoCo: "Are there two of you?"


  • In the UK this is the 1st episode to be on the DVD The Trouble With Twins
  • In Spain/Latin-America this episode is called "The Search of the Diesel!".


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