"And a very merry christmas to all!"

— BoCo and the other engines at the christmas party

BoCo's Christmas Rescue

Air Date:

Christmas Eve, 2012 (UK, US, CAN, AUS and ISLAND), Christmas Eve, 2014 (spain)

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Bill and Ben!

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Down the Mine



BoCo's Christmas Rescue is the 8th episode of Season 2.


It’s Christmas Eve 1953 and Thomas has to pick up some puddings from the mainland. But trouble strikes, as his snow plough breaks and he has to go on without it. As he travels home, he comes into a valley with a massive snowdrift. He tries to get through it, but he ends up getting stuck. James comes to help Thomas, but more snow falls, burying him Percy comes to help but he gets stuck too. Toby comes to help Thomas, James and Percy out, but Toby gets stuck as well. In the end, Sir Topham Hatt tells BoCo to rescue them and he gets them out, as well as the Christmas Puddings. At last Thomas, James, Percy, Toby and BoCo make it in time for the end of Christmas Eve that year! There is a big party, and everybody thanks BoCo for being a hero.




  • This episode was going to be called BoCo but was renamed to make it more Christmas themed.
  • This aired sixth on the "Top 6 Christmas Episodes" on the Railway Season Channel airing on December 24th 2013.
  • The UK term "Christmas Holidays" is used.
  • In this episode BoCo gains a welsh accent.
  • In Latin-America this episode is called "The Big Christmas Rescue!"
  • In Spain this is the 20th episode of season 2, as it was held back until Christmas in Spain.
  • Some parts of the story are losely based on the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends episodes, "Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree" and "Not So Hasty Puddings".