SirHandel27 interviewing Sirtophamhattfan7, founder of Railway Season.

Q. Why did you first create Railway Season?

A. I was a bit board only running one wiki, So that's why I created Railway Season.

Q. What is your favourite season and why?

A. Season 4, I don't know really and just loved it.

Top 3 Favourite Seasons

  1. Season 4
  2. Season 2
  3. Season 5

Q. What is your favourite episode and why?

A. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady, Same reason as Season 4.

Q. What do you think about season 5?

A. It's really good, I love it, It's my third favourite season.

Q. There are rumours that Toby was going to appear in more episodes, but was taken out, why?

A. Well he was going to appear in "Mind my Bike!", But cut due to the lack of money to repair his model. He is currently useing his Season 2 model dispite looking like it's could break down any time as dust was in the box where it was kept during January-March 2013 thats why it doesn't move in Railway Season Land.

Q. What are your views on the new CGI?

A. 10/10, I'm really lucking forward to it and i'm glad that some images will still have model series footage.

Q. Are you looking forward to the new Fluid layout coming to the wiki?

A. Yes!!!! It will be a next step to the wiki!

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