Gordon, Duck and The City of Truro



Air Date:

December 15th, 2012 (UK, US, AUS, CAN and ISLAND), September 14th, 2014 (spain)

Last Episode:

Duck Arrives

Next Episode:

8 Famous Engines

Gordon, Duck and The City of Truro is the 4th episode of Season 2


It is a special day for Duck because he is seeing the City of Truro at the Coaling Plant. Later after Truro goes back to the mainland Duck sees Edward and they talk about Truro until Gordon thunders past! Then as Gordon comes across the Viaduct and his dome comes off! And Gordon end being teesed by Some Trucks by being domeless, Poor Gordon!




  • A deleted scene from James and The Top-Hat is used.
  • This episode was aired before Hello twin engines, so veiwers would not of known who Donald and Douglas are.
  • Sirtophamhattfan7 said that this episode was mean't to be the 19th episode of the Season.


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