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"These are my bootlaces!"

— The Bad Man

James and The Bootlace

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James and The Top-Hat

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Silly Trucks

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October 1st, 2012 (UK and USA). New Years Day, 2013 (spain). Good Friday 2013 (Falkland Islands)

James and The Bootlace (UK), The Bootlace (US) is the 8th Episode of Season 1


It is a very nice march day on Sodor, And James has to pull the express today! But as he's on his way to Vicarstown Station, He has a problam with has train becouse one of his coaches cupling broke, Then a Man comes out and does not want to take his bootlace for the train but in the end he has to, And James feels silly.




  • London2012fan did not narrate this episode in the US until November 2012.
  • Thoughout this episode on Virgin Media and Netflex in the UK has a widescreen virsion.
  • This episode marks The Bad Man's first and only speaking-role to date.
  • When James is at Tidmouth Yard Sheds, His whistle is really a diesel horn.


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