"I will help you with the express today Gordon!"

— James to Gordon

James and The Express

Last Episode:

Silly Trucks

Next Episode:

Thomas Goes Fishing

Air Date:

October 5th, 2012 (UK and USA). Junuary 5th, 2013 (spain). Easter Monday 2013 (Falkland Islands)

Written By:


James and The Express is the 10th Episode of Season 1.


James is learning on Sodor, Although due to his recent accidents, He wants to help other engines now! So one day he goes to Knapford Station, And sees Gordon and helps him by taking the Express for the day and James becomes much more helpful although he will not pull goods trains!




  • London2012fan did not narrate this episode in the US until November 2012.
  • In Latin-America this episode is called "Pulling the Express!". And in Spain this episode is called "Helping a Friend".


  • At one point, a Breakvan is in James' way. Then, it suddenly disappears.


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