"I Remember"

— Percy remembering the time he came to Sodor.

Percy the New Engine! is the 1st episode of Season 2.

Percy the New Engine!

Air Date:

November 1st, 2012


Sirtophamhattfan7 and london2012fan

Last Episode:

Thomas Goes Fishing

Next Episode:

Toby Comes to Sodor!


Percy Tells Thomas and James About the time When Percy came to sodor when Work is Very Very Very Busy!, and Thomas Needs Someone to help him with the mail, Sir Topham Hatt Sends Percy (who would become Thomas' Best Friend), So Sir Topham Hatt Sends him from the mainland to Sodor!




  • This is the 1st episode for london2012fan, being a Writer
  • This marks Annie and Clarabel's 1st speaking role
  • This is episode Cranky is used for the 1st time as a cameo



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