• You can not block people if you are not Sirtophamhattfan7, London2012fan, Scwatch: No. 2 or SirHandel27.
  • You have to be 7 years or older to join this wiki.
  • You can not ban people from chat if you are not an admin or a chatmod
  • In a Series a Cameo means Engines or People Who have Made only Cameos in the series.
  • A Cameo Means if a Character or Characters have not been named in an episode, or if it's a not named it means a character hasn't been named.
  • A Non speaking-role (does not speak; do not speak) Means if a Character or Charaters have cameod, but have been named.
  • In a Series a Non Speaking-role Means if a Character or Characters who have only made Non Speaking-roles in a Series.
  • If you are not an admin/chatmod announcing something you cant message yourself on your message wall.
  • Railway Season is fan-made.
  • Do not put rude words on pages.
  • Try to make sure that you have spelt things right.
  • Do not make stuff a mess.
  • Do not make a spam, or you will be blocked.


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