Say Hello To Peep Peep Thomas!
DVD Cover

Air Date:

May 23rd 2013

Last DVD:

All the engines are a team!

Next DVD:

Buzz Off!


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Say Hello To Peep Peep Thomas! is a Railway Season DVD


UK and AUS

  1. High Speed Gordon!
  2. Percy's Ghost/Percy and The Ghost
  3. Henry and His Tunnel
  4. Duke's Return
  5. Oh Peter Sam!
  6. Henry Needs Help Again
  7. Off To Crewe
  8. Donald's Ghostly Scarecrow
  9. Bluebells of England
  10. Diesel Trouble!
  11. Emily's First Day

US and CAN

  1. Thomas, Percy, Toby and The Ghost
  2. Henry and His Tunnel
  3. Duke's Reurn
  4. Oh Peter Sam
  5. Off The Rails
  6. Terence, Bertie and Harold!
  7. Donald's Ghostley Scarecrow
  8. Bluebells of England
  9. Train Stops Play
  10. Diesel Trouble!
  11. Emily's First Day on Sodor


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