Season 1

Air Date:

July 28th, 2012 - October 5th, 2012 (UK, US, AUS, CAN and ISLAND). December 23rd, 2012 - January 5th, 2013 (spain), March 25th 2013 - Easter Monday 2013 (Falkland Islands)

Next Season:

Season 2


Sirtophamhattfan7, LukeTheSpy (dropped) and The Rev W Awrdy (books only)


Sirtophamhattfan7 (UK and US)

Season 1 was on air from July 28th 2012 to October 5th 2012


  1. Thomas and Gordon: Gordon is Cross Becous of Thomas
  2. Thomas To The Rescue: Thomas Helps Out James The New Engine
  3. Edward's Big Day: Edward Has a Big Day Out
  4. Edward and Gordon: Edward Helps Gordon Up a Hill
  5. The Sad Story of Henry (The Three Railway Engines Part 1 of 2): Henry Does Not Leave a Tunnel
  6. Edward, Henry and Gordon (The Three Railway Engines Part 2 of 2): At Last Henry Leaves The Tunnel and Edward Helps Him
  7. James and The Top-Hat: James Blows Steam on To Sir Topham Hatt's New Hat
  8. James and The Bootlace/The Bootlace: a Bad Man Will Not Help James
  9. Silly Trucks: Some Trucks Tease James and Sir Topham Hatt aka MR. Hatt is Cross With James Becous James Was Blowing Steam on To His New Hat
  10. James and The Express: James Becomes a Good Engine By Helping Gordon's Express
  11. Thomas Goes Fishing: Thomas has a fish in his tank.



  • During Many episodes in the US, Extra scenes are shown for the title card.