Season 4


Sirtophamhattfan7, London2012fan, Scwatch-pad-wiki-wabs (then later "Scwatch: No. 2") and SirHandel27.

Air Date:

May 11th, 2013 - June/July 2013

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Season 3

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Sirtophamhattfan7 (UK and AUS), London2012fan (US and CAN)

Season 4 was first on air in 2013, It first started in May 2013 then ended in June 2013, It did start again in August then ended in September that year.


  1. Mavis The Quarry Diesel: Mavis Joins Toby at the Quarry at Ffarquar.
  2. Sir Handel and George: Sir Handel Meets a Steamroller Named George
  3. Bluebells of England: Percy and Douglas Talk About The Bluebell Railway.
  4. Stepney's Special: A Bluebell Engine Named Stepney Meets Duck.
  5. Train Stops Play: Caroline and Stepney Meet and They Have a Race.
  6. Diesel Trouble!: A New Diesel Comes To Sodor.
  7. Bye George!: George gets in to trouble, Due to making Daisy crash in to a Traffic Cone.
  8. Emily's First Day/Emily's First Day on Sodor: Emily a big Green Scottish engine comes to Sodor.
  9. Emily's Bad Day!: Emily thinks there is a monster in Castle Loch, and tries to find another way round.
  10. Rex, Bert and Mike's Railway: Duck meets Rex, Bert and Mike.
  11. At Last Sir Handel Lerns His Lessen: When Duke goes to the work, Sir Handel goes to fast when he has to do Duke's work as well as his own.
  12. Bill and Ben Trick Toby!/Bill and Ben's Trick!: Bill and Ben try to trick Toby.
  13. Stepney and the Two Diesels: Arry and Bert try to scrap Stepney.
  14. Duncan and The Yellow Rheneas: Duncan thinks that Rheneas is copying his livery, after Rheneas had a yellow undercoat.
  15. Trevor to the Rescue: Trevor thinks he's too old, But when Bertie is in trouble it's up to Trevor to save Bertie.
  16. Percy and Bulstrode: When Percy's in the harbour, He meets an old grumpy tug called Bulstrode.
  17. Cranky's Cranky Day!: Cranky luaghs at Thomas, Percy and the other engines.
  18. Rusty and Boulder: Trouble strikes when a Boulder is on the run.
  19. Duck and Bulgy: Bulgy takes Duck's passengers.
  20. Edward's Exploit: Edward breaks down at Suddery Woods.
  21. James goes "Buzz Buzz": James meets some bees that are going to Wellsworth Orchard.
  22. Daisy and the Bull: Daisy comes across Champion.
  23. Henry and the Forest: Henry trys to stop the Forest from being cut down.
  24. Diesel's New Trick: Diesel plays a trick again.
  25. Duck and the Horrid Lorry's: Some Lorrys come to Sodor.
  26. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady: Peter Sam goes to the seaside.


New Characters


  • From this season onwards, the title cards are read out at the start in the US.
  • In a poll, This is voted as the most favourite series of Railway Season.
  • This is Sirtophamhattfan7's final season as director, SirHandel27 is now director of the show.
  • TUGS models can be seen from this season onwards.
  • This season marks the most animal themed season so far.
  • Henry Speaking-role in Train Stops Play saying "Hello Stepney!" is missing in the US.
  • Arry and Bert where mean't to have numbers Arry (55) and Bert (56), but the plan was dropped by Sirtophamhattfan7.
  • This is the first series to have SirHandel27 as a writer.