"I like it, But what is that rubbish!"

— Daisy reffering Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta

Thomas and Daisy
Thomas, The Knapford Station Master and the knapford station Master's family



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The Runaway Train!

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4 Little Engines!

Air Date:

New Years Eve, 2012 (UK, USA, CAN, AUS and ISLAND), September 23rd, 2014 (spain)

Thomas and Daisy is the 14th episode of Season 2, and the final episode to be filmed in 2012.


Thomas thinks he doesn't need a driver and then on his own without a driver crashes into a house, So Daisy the diesel railcar comes to Sodor while Thomas is away, But soon Daisy gets into trouble, But Daisy soon learns a lesson and stays on the Island and soon Thomas comes back.


BoCo possibley is in a mirroed promo with a scene of Daisy as BoCo.



  • This is the 2nd episode of Scwatch-pad-wik-wabs being a writer.
  • BoCo's Promo was possibley a mirroed scene from this episode of Daisy, Just BoCo had the front of him instead of the front of Daisy.
  • The Knapford Station Master and His Family are likely to took over The Culdee Fell Station Master's Role.


  • The Narrator: "The Stationmaster's family were having breakfast. They were eating ham and eggs
  • Daisy: "Daisy he said, never, never pull. You're highly sprung, and pulling is bad for your swerves, and that's how it's done".
  • The Stationmaster: "Stuff and nonsense!".
  • The Shunter: "I can't understand, whatever made Sir Topham Hatt send us such a feeble...."
  • Daisy: "F-f-f-feeble, let me!"
  • Some Passangers: "Stop arguing, we're late already!"