"And Thomas, Would you like your own Branch Line?"

"Oh, Yes Sir, Thank You Sir!"

— Sir Topham Hatt l and Thomas

Thomas to the Rescue is the 2nd episode of season 1.

Thomas to the Rescue

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Thomas and Gordon

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Edward's Big Day

Air Date:

July 30th, 2012 (UK and USA). Boxing Day, 2012 (spain). March 25th 2013 (Falkland Islands)




It is a busy summer’s day on the Island of Sodor, and Thomas has been sent to work in the Tidmouth Yards. As he is shunting, he notices a strange looking crane. His driver tells him that it’s The Breakdown Train, a big kind of crane on railway, which helps to lift engines, coaches and trucks. Thomas wishes he could use it, but doesn’t think he could. Then later that day Thomas is surprised to see a New Engine come thundering down the line with a line of Troublesome Trucks behind him. His brake blocks are on fire, and he can’t stop. He is shouting "HELP! HELP!" , but nobody can. Thomas wishes he could teach the trucks a lesson, but his thoughts are interrupted by an alarm. After hearing James has been pushed off the tracks by the trucks, Thomas collects the crane sets of to find James. He discovers him down the line in a cow field, some of the trucks smashed up behind him. Thomas gets rid of the unhurt trucks, bumping them, glad to have taught them a lesson. Then, he comes back for James, who is lifted onto the tracks by the crane. Thomas then pulls James home, to where Sir Topham Hatt is waiting. Sir Topham is extremely pleased with Thomas and rewards him with his very own Branch Line. Thomas is delighted, and is soon puffing down the branch line with Annie and Clarabel, his two new coaches. Other engines often stop by and tell him the news of the line, which means he can still feel at home, as well as feeling really useful on his new line.




  • At the start, the episode has a 12 second in memory of Angus Wright (1934 - July 9th 2012) who was the Producer of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends from Season 1-5, and the husband of Britt Allcroft.
  • In Latin-America this episode is called "Rescue Engine!"
  • London2012fan did not narrate this episode in the US until November 2012.