"I dont want to be brown anymore, I want to be orange now like in my early days"

— Toby reffering his paintwork, James and Toby, Season 3.




Toby is the number 7 character.


It is thought that he was going to appear in A New Cafe.




  • In the UK narrated of Bill and Ben Trick Toby!, he gains a welsh accent. But in his next episode speaking-role he regains his old english accent.
  • In many interviews with Sirtophamhattfan7 and SirHandel27, Toby's Model wasn't working in Season 5 during a latter half of that series, So Toby's Season 2 model that is used from Railway Season Land, after Season 5 finished it went back, Originaly when it arrived at the Season 5 model set it has loads of dust inside not helping the motor but later the dust was carfulley taken out and now works better.


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